BRAND YOU EVOLVE – Professional Image and Personality Development

What do you want to be remembered for, long after you’ve justify the room?

Brand YOU - Recognition, Reputation, Better Relationships

Stand out from the crowd, be seen!

Brand You Evolve is a comprehensive 6 Weeks personal and professional development course or a personal image consultancy program. It helps build confidence, personality, exclusive core competencies, unique characteristics. In-short, an inside-out image. It covers:

Outer Image:

  • Personal and Professional Evaluation – Personal Style, Lifestyle, Wardrobe Goals based on personal/ professional needs.
  • Wardrobe Evaluation– Shape evaluation, Fit and Style including accessorising, Personal Colour Check, Clustering with Smart closet organising ideas.
  • Grooming and Style – Personal Hygiene, Hair and Skin Care, Natural Make up
  • Smart Shopping Experience – Based on shopping recommendations at the session with tips on shopping smart.

Inner Image:

  • Inner Image – building core strength and competencies.
  • The Professional Edge with Corporate and Business Etiquette, Business Email writing, Communication Skills - Body Language, Vocal, Verbal and Conversational Skills, Professional and personal goal setting and Social Media Image Management.

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